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[S1] C - Reilly Bourque, TPE: 200 Empty [S1] C - Reilly Bourque, TPE: 200

2020-03-31, 5:20 am
Player Information
Username: Snapshot71
First name: Reilly
Last name: Bourque
Position: C
Player Type: Playmaker
Handedness: L
Jersey Number: 71
Height (ft): 6'4"
Weight (lbs): 197
Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Born: July 1, 1995
Any specific things for your player (hair, hair color, beard, moustache etc.): Brown hair, blue eyes, faint facial hair
Recruited by: st4rface
Discord ID (if you have): None

Points available: 200

Speed: 60
Body Checking: 50
Endurance: 50
Puck Control: 55
Passing: 60
Slap Shot Power: 40
Slap Shot Accuracy: 40
Wrist Shot Power: 60
Wrist Shot Accuracy: 60
Agility: 50
Strength: 50
Acceleration: 55
Balance: 45
Faceoffs: 50
Durability: 99
Deking: 40
Poise: 40
Hand-Eye: 40
Shot Blocking: 40
Offensive Awareness: 60
Defensive Awareness: 55
Discipline: 40
Fighting Skill: 40
Stick Checking: 40
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[S1] C - Reilly Bourque, TPE: 200 Empty Re: [S1] C - Reilly Bourque, TPE: 200

2020-03-31, 5:18 pm
Welcome, Snapshot71! Welcome!

I took away those 5 extra TPE from now! Your strength is now not 55, but 50. You can claim these affiliate TPE here when you are accepted, so now you can go, claim these TPE and put that link in your update thread. Claim them here: https://shvl.forumotion.me/t7-career-pt-1-affiliate#7 .

Your player is accepted! You can start to upgrade your player and spend great time! Your player will be a draftee on up-coming S1 draft!

Join our discord sever aswell: https://discord.gg/3gjz5w

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know! I will help! GOAL!
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