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[S1] G - Mike Kamlevs, TPE: 150 Empty [S1] G - Mike Kamlevs, TPE: 150

2020-04-05, 5:39 pm
Player Information
First name: Mike
Last name: Kamlevs
Position: Goalie
Player Type (Butterfly, Hybrid or Stand-Up): stand up
Handedness: Right
Jersey Number:24
Height (cm):182
Weight (kg):75
Any specific things for your player (hair, hair color, beard, moustache etc.):
Recruited by:
Discord ID (if you have):Mikels#6930

Available points: 150

Glove High: 50
Glove Low: 50
Stick High: 55
Stick Low: 60
Five Hole: 50
Breakaway: 40
Rebound Control: 62
Recover: 40
Passing: 50
Poke Check: 40
Agility: 40
Speed: 60
Vision: 60
Endurance: 55
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[S1] G - Mike Kamlevs, TPE: 150 Empty Re: [S1] G - Mike Kamlevs, TPE: 150

2020-04-05, 6:58 pm
Welcome, @mikels171 ! Welcome!

Your player is accepted! You can start to upgrade your player and spend great time! Your player will be a draftee on up-coming S1 draft!

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know here on forum or Discord - st4rface#9885 ! I will help and so does other users! GOAL!
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